Adopting a Homeless Animal

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Thank you for your interest in one of our animals!  As a foster-based rescue group, we are very familiar with our animals and his/her personality, thus helping you select a companion who will be highly compatible with your family and lifestyle.

Please note that it is our goal to place animals into homes that they are best suited for. Because of this, applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. This means that while you may be denied for the animal you originally applied for, the ART sponsor may refer you to another animal who she believes would be a better fit for you and your family.  ART sponsors do all they can to ensure that the adoption will be a positive experience for the animal and the humans, and that it will be the animal’s “forever home”.

These are the steps you must take to adopt an animal:

  • Adoption Application: This application can be filled out online. Please use the tab key when moving between fields. If you use the Enter key, you will prematurely submit your application. Please be sure to complete all fields. After you submit the application, you will receive an e-mail confirming its receipt within 48 hours.  If you do not hear back within that time, please contact us at to ensure there was not a problem.
  • If we initially approve your application (vet and personal references) we will call you to schedule a home visit (dog adoptions only). The home visit is a critical part of the adoption process for a dog, because so many factors in the home help determine a successful adoption.
  • If we approve the home visit, and you would like to finalize the adoption, you will sign a contract and pay the adoption fee. The standard adoption fees are $75 for cats and kittens, and $150 for dogs and puppies.  Please note that your adoption fee is tax deductible.

Please e-mail us at if we can answer any specific questions about our adoption process.

Adoption Application