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Please make your check payable to Animal Resources of Tidewater and send it to:
Animal Resources of Tidewater, P.O. Box 11535, Norfolk, VA 23517


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Your Donation will support our initiatives:

  • Spay/Neuter – Almost 4,000 spay/neuters and counting! We are taking huge steps to end the killing of animals in shelters by preventing unwanted births.
  • Community Medical Assistance – We offer a helping hand to citizens in financial hardship when their pets are ill.
  • Pit Bull Awareness – We are committed to dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding so-called “Bully Breeds” and raising awareness of the true and loving nature of pit bull dogs.
  • Legislative Advocacy – We advocate for animals and their caregivers at local and state levels. As citizen-advocates, we push for increased protections for both pets and their owners to ensure a future of humane treatment.
  • Rescue – Our members continue to rescue dogs and cats and adopt them to ‘forever homes’.