Animal Resources of Tidewater is more than just an organization that finds homes for dogs and cats. Since 1999, our humble organization made up of a small handful of determined volunteers has grown leaps and bounds. With grants and donations, we have proudly established several programs designed to improve the lives of companion animals in Hampton Roads: SpayHR, Community Medical Assistance, Legislative Policy Advocacy and the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.

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Success Stories

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Symba and her family hit very hard times. As such, Symba and her sibling were staying with family friends while the family attempted to recovery from their hardship. During their stay, it was discovered that there was something very wrong with Symba when she began to lose a great deal of weight. ART and the SPCA worked together to address some of the medical conditions believed to cause the extreme weight loss. The SPCA donated medications to help sustain Symba until a full diagnosis was reached. Bloodwork indicated there was an issue with Symba’s liver, but an ultrasound was required to confirm the diagnosis. Symba’s family was not in a position to afford the cost of the ultrasound. ART was able to raise the $300 for an ultrasound and Symba is now on the road to recovery. Working with partners, such as the SPCA, and receiving donations from ART supporters helped Symba receive the treatment she needed to survive. Thank you for your continued support!


Lily did not wait for her mama to treat her with a bologna snack. Instead she broke into the package eating more than she bargained for. Poor Lily’s impatience caused her to ingest packaging material, which then caused her to continuously vomit. Her family feared the plastic had also impacted Lily’s bowels because she was unable to go potty. Lily needed immediate treatment, but her family could not afford the cost of the vet visit. ART was able to help raise $200 for Lily’s x-rays and the fluids needed to save this sweet girls life. Thank you to our Sustaining Members for making this possible! Help ART save other lives by donating to


Oscar was rescued from a neglectful situation and had some pretty bad dental issues. Thanks to our Sustaining Members and our donors, we were able to pay for his dental extractions and he is settling in with his new mama. You guys are awesome, thank you!