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Animal Resources of Tidewater is more than just an organization that finds homes for dogs and cats. Since 1999, our humble organization made up of a small handful of determined volunteers has grown leaps and bounds. With grants and donations, we have proudly established several programs designed to improve the lives of companion animals in Hampton Roads: SpayHR, Community Medical Assistance, Legislative Policy Advocacy and the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.

Spay Neuter Programs
Community Medical Assistance
Legislative Advocacy
Breed Awareness
Adoptions and Rescue

Success Stories

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Flit, Little Dude and Geeko

Flit, Little Dude and Geeko are a tight knit family whose mama fell on hard times. After being homeless for a time, their mama is getting back on her feet in a new place and came to ART for help to get exams, shots and treatment for skin issues. Art raised the funds to get the treatment these three besties needed! Please consider donating to help more families in need at


Rosie’s family adopted her from a shelter as a kitten. Her owners are facing bankruptcy and living with family when they discovered Rosie was in a life or death situation with an intestinal blockage. ART was able to save Rosie’s life by raising money for the surgery and helping out her family in such a desperate time. Thank you for helping this loving family, to help more families in need, please consider donating at


Sweet Archimedes slipped outside and was unfortunately hit by a car. His family rushed him to the emergency vet and several hundreds of dollars later found out that his hip was completely out of its socket leaving Archimedes in a significant amount of pain. Thankfully, ART was able to raise enough money to get Archimedes the surgery he needed to get back on the healing track after such a terrifying tragedy. Thank you for helping this loving family, to help more families in need, please consider donating at