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Project Description

Cosette was found in a sewer drain, she was a new mama but sadly I never found the kittens. I thought she was feral, I had her spayed thinking she was not suitable for a home but after getting her fixed I found she was more domesticated than feral and I didn’t think she would survive if I released her back to her environment. I have a 9 year-old female cat who was very welcoming, but Cosette is an Alpha cat and has been very aggressive with my cat to the point that my cat is scared of her.

We’ve had Cosette for almost 4 months and we will keep her for as long as it takes to find her a home. We have to keep her separated from our cat so she has limited access to roam. But we are dedicated to finding her a forever home.

Cosette is up to date on her shots, healthy and happy. She would thrive in a home by herself.

As a side note… We have boarded Cosette at the Dog & Cat Hospital on two different occasions. She is the only cat I have ever had who will walk right into a cat carrier and wait for the cage to be closed. She is a very good traveler. She is also very talkative and inquisitive.

If you are interested in meeting Cosette please contact us at 818-219-3716
Email Address: we are in Norfolk