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Project Description

Goose is a neutered male, has brown and white short hair, is about 60 pounds, and a mix of what we guess to be Pointer/Pitbull. He’s about four years old. He is current on all his medical, has never had any health issues and has always taken heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. He is due for his yearly visit in about a month, but we plan to pay for all of the shots as a courtesy to the adopting family.
    He is house trained, crate trained, can sit, lay down, shake (both paws), sit pretty, high five, wait for his food, wait to go outside and he walks on a leash like a pro. He likes to run all day in a big backyard and will play tag until he falls over from exhaustion. His favorite toys are Nyla Bones and plush squeaky toys (although those don’t last long with him).
    Goose has lots of love to give and is an extremely loyal dog. He does get timid at times and can be nippy, so when he gets his nails trimmed or shots given, he wears a muzzle as a precaution. Because of this we want him in a home without small children or other animals. He will thrive where he can be the king of his castle.
    Please contact me so you can meet Goose. Chase (local to Hampton roads) 314-497-8799