Throughout 2017, Animal Resources of Tidewater’s spay/neuter program, Spay HR,  will provide free spay/neuter and vaccines for cats and dogs in select Portsmouth neighborhoods. Check the Portsmouth Pet Project Map to see if your neighborhood qualifies and fill out the request for appointment

If you do NOT live in the Cradock, Brighton, Prentis Park, Shea Terrace or Port Norfolk areas in Portsmouth please contact one of the low cost quality spay/neuter service providers in our Hampton Roads areaLow Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics


Click on link for the target neighborhood boundaries:   Portsmouth Pet Project Map


ART’s Portsmouth Pet Project (PPP) will provide the Cradock, Brighton,Prentis Park, Shea Terrace and Port Norfolk areas (inclusive area in orange on map) in Portsmouth access to pet wellness information, basic veterinary care and spay/neuter services.

Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter

The surgeries will be  performed by a licensed veterinarian in a spay/neuter clinic.  You drop your pet off in the morning, and by mid-afternoon they are ready to go home with you.  You will receive instructions on pre-surgery and post surgery follow-up care.  Although the animals are undergoing a surgery, recovery is typically very rapid.

Spay and NeuterWhat if My Pets Need Other Veterinary Services?  The Portsmouth Pet Project will cover the costs to have resident Prentis Park area pets spayed or neutered.  Other services will be available free or for a nominal fee.  Information on prices for these services can be provided when your appointment is scheduled.

THANK YOU!  By participating in our program, you are helping lower the number of homeless animals in our community, and you are giving shelter animals a higher chance of finding a home.

Call (757)456-1215 or click here for request for appointment.




Fill out our online Assistance Application to apply for financial assistance.  For help with community cats in Norfolk, contact the Norfolk SPCA at 757-622-3319, x130, or e-mail