Become a Helper of ART (HART)
You can volunteer your talents as your time allows by doing any of the following…

  • Foster a rescued dog or cat (more details)
  • Staff fundraising or community outreach events
  • Transport an animals
  • Help with TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release)
  • Make a donation

If you would like to become a Helper of ART (HART) volunteer, please submit your information:


Adoption Application


Become an active member of ART
What does it mean to be an ART member…


  • Pay tax deductible annual dues
  • Participate in fund raisers and community outreach events
  • Attend general membership meetings
  • Receive partial reimbursement for spay/neuter and medical expenses for each ART sponsored rescue animal.  Also receive full adoption fee for all ART sponsored rescues (recommended $100 per dog and $75 per cat).
  • Receive training on how to rescue, how to become an advocate for companion animals, how to volunteer at local shelters, and other various topics
  • Serve on committees (as chair or member) and/or on the board via the election process
  • Assist in ART organizational duties (i.e. respond to voice mail messages, take pictures, respond to ART emails, contribute to ART’s newsletter)
  • Work with other ART members to influence current policies and future legislation involving animal welfare
  • Have a powerful voice in the focus of ART as a highly reputable animal rescue group
  • Help companion animals in our area by dedicating time, effort and passion through networking with a strong, dedicated, and respected group

Help to create a compassionate community where there are no more stray, abandoned, or neglected animals and where destroying adoptable animals is no longer used as a means of population controlPlease apply for ART membership if you are interested in helping!

Adoption Application

If you have any further questions regarding active membership in ART, contact Debra Griggs at (757) 456-1354. We need your talents!




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