Thank you for your interest in learning more about ART’s foster program!  Below are questions typically asked about fostering.  Following this information is our foster application.  If you would like more information before completing the application, please contact one of the members listed below.

What is fostering?
You provide temporary shelter and love for a homeless dog/cat while a forever home is being

Do I pay expenses?
Foster homes are not required to cover any expenses involved in caring for the animal.  The
expenses are covered by an ART member who serves as the animal’s financial  sponsor.

What is the need?
The need is ongoing. Homeless animals cannot be rescued by ART without your help.

Where do we get our dogs/cats?
ART animals may be strays, owner surrenders, or transfers from local animal shelters.

How long do I foster?
A foster animal may spend as little as one week, or as long as six months, in his/her foster home.

What if I go on vacation?
With prior notice, the ART sponsor will secure a temporary foster home, or board the animal, while you are away.

What if the foster animal doesn’t get along with my pets?
We hope that foster homes will give the rescue animal time to settle in and adjust before deciding things won’t work out.  If things don’t settle down, the animal will be moved to another foster home.  Please note that we do ask for at least a few days to make other arrangements.

What if the foster has behavioral issues?
A behaviorist will work with you and the animal, or the animal may be moved if you are not comfortable working with the situation.

What if I want to adopt?
Many people foster to find the animal that best fits their family and lifestyle before adopting. Please note that foster homes wishing to adopt are asked to go through ART’s standard adoption procedure.

What are the requirements to foster?
We prefer that your resident pets be altered and up to date on shots (including monthly heartworm preventive for dogs).  The number of animals in your home (resident and fostered) may not exceed city code, and if you rent, we must see written proof of permission from your landlord to have pets in your home.

Fostered dogs may not be left outside while you work (a crate will be provided if necessary).  Requirement of a fence is determined by the dog needing a foster home.  Dog fosters should not be gone for more than the normal 8-hour work day.

For cat and kitten foster homes, it is best if you have a separate room for your foster/s until you know they are able to be with your animals.

How do I get involved with the program?
Fill out the foster application, or contact one of the following people for more information:

At this time we are focusing on spay neuter and medical assistance. We are not taking in dogs or cats. Please contact a local rescue or SPCA to foster.