If inquiring about any of the adoptable pets please use contact information associated with that pet.



Sputnik is a 6-year-old shy boy who becomes cuddly and sweet once he warms up to you! It may take a week or two for him to come out of his shell but once he does he will be there for you in good and bad times. He always knows when the people around him



Harley is very talkative, as is typical for a Siamese. He does not do well with babies; he gets stressed out by the crying and screaming. Now that my child is 7 years old, he does better with her, but the infant and toddler stages were challenging. He gets very jealous. He does not get


Community Post Jojo

Jojo is a 6 year old, 70 pound sweetie that is looking for a new home. Unfortunately Jojo's dog buddy at home has a permanent injury that makes it impossible for them to be together and so Jojo isn't getting the inclusion in the family that she loves so much. Jojo is an American Bulldog,


Community Post ” Beckham “

Beckham is a Shared Post for Animal Aid Society in Hampton www.animalaidsociety.org  Beckham is an affectionate, energetic, and intelligent guy who excels at agility training, basic and complex commands, and lounging. It’s hard to tell which he likes best – solving puzzles, playing fetch and tug-of-war, or reclining on the couch with a chew toy.