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Bella is an absolute sweetheart and we are devastated to have to re-home her. She is a GREAT dog for someone who is home a lot. She escapes crates and is not good if left alone. We have tried training, thunder jackets, exercise, pheromone treatment, leaving her loose, crating her up, doggie prozac. She is calm and well behaved when with her people, but a mess when left alone. She is super smart and obedient when indoors or away from other dogs. She has dog aggression when we walk her, take her to boarding, the vet etc. She has jumped the fence and fought with our neighbor’s dog (also female with dog aggression issues). We do have two male dogs in the home that she gets along with fine. She is housebroken. We had to weld a homemade crate because she has destroyed/escaped out of every other one we’ve purchased. She has ground most of her teeth down from always trying to escape over the years I know she sounds crazy, but she is an awesome dog who would thrive with someone who was home during the day. I am being transferred to the west coast, my husband’s company is going out of business and we are out of options. We have to go. We were unable to find housing that did not either have breed restrictions, or strict clauses to sign saying your pets were not aggressive. We cannot say that for Bella since she has been involved with dog conflicts. Please help us find her a good home.

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Up to date on vaccines, spayed, 7 y/o, 60 pounds