Project Description

Bo and Virgil have not had their shots in around 2+ years but have not needed and vet attention and haven’t had any health issues since being with us. They are both neutered. They are litterbox trained. When they are in the cage they use corner litter boxes and when they are roaming around and playing they use a cat litter box I put out for them. They will choose the corner they want to be their ‘bathroom’ so they kind of tell you where to put their boxes.

Bo and Virgil need a ferret-proof play area and supervision when they are playing outside the cage. When I say “ferret-proof” I do not mean it needs to be an empty room but I always make sure there arent any places for them to get stuck in or food / food trash on the floor. Even though they are so well adjusted to the room they play in and it is more ferret proof than any other rooms I always make sure someone is able to supervise them. They will play rough with each other like ferrets do but I have never had an issue with aggressive or mean fighting. They are used to cats. They are more curious about the cats than anything and normally leave them alone. Every now and then one of them might get the idea in his head that he should play with the cats (such as leaping around their tails) but our cats arent really into that so they just get away from the playful ferrets. Bo does like to chew sometimes so I keep some toys around for them. They like cat and dog toys. I have a kaytee ferret home plus that I can send with them but the cage needs a hammock, food and water, litter box(es) and some cozy blankets or sleeping spots and maybe some toys. They eat marshalls ferret food. I can provide the two ferrets and this cage : but it needs to be filled with stuff by someone if they choose to adopt them. They currently live in a double ferret nation cage so it could take them some time to get used to the new kaytee cage which is smaller and designed much differently. They have not shown aggression towards people but if they are tunneling under blankets and come across some toes they are likely to nibble. I was told by the previous owner that Virgil was a fan of earlobes. Something I didn’t see but still feel like it should be mentioned. They would make a great addition to someone who loves ferrets and has the time for them. I’d like the adopter to have a basic knowledge of ferrets before they make a decision to adopt. I will also provide info I will print out through the printer with some general knowledge and whatever specifics I can think of that are relevant. I would like any people that are interested to know I would like them to fill out the papers that are available on the site (the adoption agreement, in home checklist, and application).

The adoption fee for both is $100 and the cage is an additional $50
they MUST go as a pair. My name is Jessica – my email is and my phone number is 757-663-2206