Project Description

Cleo, short for Cleopatra is looking for a new home. Her current parents are elderly and she is just too much for them as they age. Cleo is a 40 pound Terrier Mix who just turned 3! She is current on all vaccines, heart worm prevention, spayed, house trained and microchipped.

Cleo is not boring! She is confident, loyal, tenacious, curious and super smart. When not being the intermittent cuddle bug she is most content zooming/exploring in the yard (electric fence works very well), playing fetch, walking and just accompanying you with whatever you are doing. If you like she will burrow under the bed cover and be the best little heater around, quiet until you arise! She also loves the squinty wind blown look from sticking her nose out the car window.

Her intelligence, temperament and eagerness to learn makes the sky the limit. In the two years we have had her she has done well with people as well as dogs. I am an overly cautious owner in part because I know if another dog or dogs show any aggression she will quickly show who is boss. I am not a dog park fan but I can tell you that we have had canine playdates and Cleo currently lives with another lab mix with no problem.

We separate them at feeding time (food aggression with me has never been an issue) and do not leave them alone together. We try and walk several miles daily and she actually pulls less when we walk with other dogs. Because she is very excitable which can quickly lead to mouthiness I would not recommend a home with children.

She is used to a calm environment and having someone around. That being said she has done fine for hours at home and has sat quietly in her crate for short periods of time. She even has gone in her crate to chill. Cleo rarely barks. No cats or you will have a barker/howler in high prey gear 24/7. She just sat quietly in front of a deer, go figure. Since Cleo gets a good amount of attention, chewing and digging have not been an issue. Chew toys are rotated and readily available (KONG). A frozen peanut butter Kong will keep her busy for a while. While I have not been loyal to one food brand her food is usually of grain free chicken sort, 1 cup morn and night.

Everyone knows when Cleo is around and she can be quite entertaining with those quizzical eyes, endless kisses, sniffing and exploring.

For more information about meeting Cleo please contact all Edith (Edie) Myers 269-944-9280