Harley is very talkative, as is typical for a Siamese. He does not do well with babies; he gets stressed out by the crying and screaming. Now that my child is 7 years old, he does better with her, but the infant and toddler stages were challenging. He gets very jealous. He does not get along with other male cats, including kittens. Females are what he prefers. He does like to go outside on occasion but doesn’t like to stay outside. The furthest he’s wandered away from me is about 3-4 houses away, but usually stays in my yard when he goes outside. He loves catnip and will occasionally play with a laser light for a few seconds at a time.

Approx 9-12 years old – (the DOB on the vet records didn’t match what the person I got him from told me). I’ve had him since 2014.

His vaccines are probably not up to date, I think he was last at the vet in 2015. He doesn’t do well with car rides. He is neutered. He is litterbox trained. Last tests he had he was negative for everything (FIV, Leukemia, etc)

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