Project Description

Ephraim was born on the streets of Iraq, where dogs are beaten, stoned, and kicked to death, just for being dogs. But angels there found Ephraim, terrified, hungry, and injured. At just three months old, he had an injured leg, and most of his tail had to be removed, because of an unknown trauma. Ephraim had not known love, before his rescuer took him in, to kept him safe, until she could find a way to get Ephraim out of the country. ART stepped up to be that way. Here in the U.S., as quickly as possible, funds were raised, and arrangements were made, for Ephraim to start a new life. When his plane landed in Washington DC, he was transported to Park Avenue Pups, for assessment to assure placement in the most appropriate home. Seven days later, Ephraim’s new Mom, and three sibling K-9’s, came to meet him, and take him to his loving forever home. For two years Ephraim and his family lived happily, spending his days running around, playing with his siblings and his nights snuggled up in love. But, as it often does, life took a turn, Ephraim’s Mom was involved in a horrible car accident, that nearly took her life, and left her unable to care for her precious dogs. Ephraim is once again homeless, back in ART’s care, Ephraim is being boarded, while he waits for a place to belong, and a family to love.

2.5 years old, 66 lean, long legged lbs. UTD, Microchipped, Neutuered and ready to share happiness and love with a family. Please contact Susan for more information and to meet him. 757 404-6032