Welcome to SpayHR, a division of Animal Resources of Tidewater! We launched in spring 2010 with the Norfolk Pet Project, a spay/neuter campaign for targeted neighborhoods in Norfolk with high volumes of calls to Norfolk Animal Control. In the years since, we’ve made it our mission to educate our community about the value of spaying and neutering their pets and to assist the public in finding quality, low-cost spay/neuter services throughout Hampton Roads. In addition, we are pleased to be able to partner with organizations like Best Friends Animal Society to provide community-wide services such as our recent 2019 Norfolk Community Cat Grant.

2019 Norfolk Community Cat Grant 

In mid-July 2019, SpayHR was awarded a grant by the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies and Best Friends Animal Society to fund a large-scale spay/neuter project for unowned “community” cats in Norfolk, VA. With the assistance of our amazing volunteers and our valuable partnerships with the Norfolk SPCA, No More Chasin’ Tails, the Virginia Beach SPCA, Chesapeake Humane Society, and private veterinary practices, we were able to spay/neuter 214 cats in just over 3 months! We also partnered with local rescue and advocacy groups like Cat Team 7, Feral Affairs Network, Billy the KIdden Rescue, and Cat Rescue, Inc. to assist the community in TNR and provide adoption options for socialized community cats. We are grateful for our local partnerships and our volunteers for making this project possible. Although our grant funding for the Norfolk Community Cat project has ended, we are still offering limited spay/neuter financial assistance for Hampton Roads residents. Please use our online form or call 757-456-1354.


How can you help SpayHR?

Help us continue our work in your community. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about the benefits and low cost of spaying and neutering pets! Help us get the word out by passing out informational materials or by donating to our general fund. Together, we can continue our mission of educating our community and providing valuable services that will help keep animals out of shelters and save their lives.

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