Onslow suffers from a heart condition that requires ongoing vet care. Recently Onslow fell very ill and it was discovered that he had fluid in his belly. The vet was able to treat Onslow with medication, which meant he would not require surgery to remove the fluid; however, the illness impacted his heart condition. As a result of the illness, the vet ordered an echo-cardiogram and bloodwork to better understand the impact on Onslow’s heart. A kind family friend covered some of the medical expenses incurred, but Onslow’s family, due to hardships they had suffered with their own health, was unable to pay the remaining $260 for Onslow’s treatment. Through generous donations and the kindness of others, ART was able to help raise the remaining funds needed for Onslow’s treatment. Thank you ART supporters and donors for your generous donations that allow us to bring success stories like Onslow’s to light.