Animal Resources of Tidewater lobbies to alter our laws to better the lives of companion animals. Sign up for Political Action Alerts that will notify you of how you can influence bills being passed in our government.

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    Remember, you are the voice for animals – better laws depend on you! Let your city council, police officers, animal control office, and state legislators know that laws protecting our animal companions are important to you. Thank your policy-makers when they pass legislation favorable to animals and their companions; let them know (politely, of course) that you are displeased when they fail to do so. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers to raise awareness and mobilize community members around important animal-care issues.

    Also remember that animal advocacy, at its most basic level, requires us to be aware of the conditions of the cats and dogs in our community. When you suspect incidences of neglect or cruelty, call animal control; follow up with them and persist until the situation improves. Your awareness can help save animal lives.

    Become an advocate for issues that affect animals in Virginia:
    Virginia Federation of Humane Societies

    Chaining is cruel. Learn how you can help at:

    ART is an advocate of the No-Kill Movement:
    It is our vision that our communities will become ‘No-Kill’ meaning that no adoptable animal will be killed for lack of a home.  Please review this website created by Nathan Winograd who is successfully working to create No-Kill localities all over the United States:

    ART endorses Trap-Neuter-and-Return (TNR):
    It is an effective, compassionate measure to humanely reduce feral and community cat populations. Find out more about TNR at Alley Cat Allies and local spay/neuter assistance on our SpayHR page.

    Find your local, state and national representative:
    To find your representatives, put in your zip code.  If you want to find the last 4 digits of your zip code go to and put in your address.  It will give you your 9 digit zip code.