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29 03, 2017



We don’t see cases like this very often. Toby got tangled up in the cord of a scented wax warmer and pulled a dish of hot wax from the countertop onto his own body. Immediately his back was severely burned. His mama responded quickly with cold water and topical medication. Toby’s mama and papa are on very limited income and feared they could not afford the care he deserved.  They took Toby to PETA who treated and bandaged him, but were informed that he would need fresh bandages changed regularly by a vet or he would be euthanized. That’s when Toby came to ART and because of compassionate and generous donations, he was able receive the care he needed to live a healthy happy life.

29 03, 2017



Houdini, a tiny baby kitten was abandoned and almost dead due to starvation and dehydration. A kind soul found him and took him to the vet. Aside from his malnutrition the vet discovered he has a condition called Eyelid Agenesis. His eyelids never formed and he is in a lot of pain because his eye lashes scratch his cornea and he is not able to produce lubrication for his eyes. This little angle lives in darkness because he can’t open his eyes with out severe pain. Luckily there is a surgery to fix his eyes and his malnutrition can be reversed. Sadly, it will cost as much as $900. His rescuer is proving care and lots of love and we are asking our supporters for donations to cover the surgery.

29 03, 2017



Our four-legged friend Flash has been through so much in the last year. He was rescued from an abusive situation, had an eye removed due to infection, then a leg limp worsened following surgery. He couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat, and it was very hard to determine what was wrong. He had come so far, but his mama needed some help get him the care he deserved. Because of the kindness and generosity of Sustaining Members and donors, Flash was afforded yet another chance. Thank you!

29 03, 2017



Our furry friend Zander had a massive tumor on his ear that erupted and was in need of surgery to remove it. With the threat of infection, the situation was urgent and his mama could not cover the full cost. She lives paycheck to paycheck and support a child and desperately needed the help from Sustaining Members and donors to get Zander back to 100%. Many thanks to all who contributed to make this possible!

28 03, 2017



Lucky didn’t feel as though his name fit the cards he was recently dealt. After an unfortunate transition from a dual to single income home, his owner was struggling to come up with the money to pay for painful anal masses to be removed. Many thanks to the Sustaining Members for covering the $508 procedure and making this sweet dog feel “Lucky” again!

28 03, 2017



Our buddy BJ and her mama came to ART for help with her mouth issues. She had a ruptured tumor, needed many teeth pulled and was having difficulty eating. This pair had been together since BJ was a puppy and her mama wanted to resolve the issues, but was living on very limited budget. We thank the many donations, especially from Sustaining Members, that supported BJ’s dental work and her neuter.

28 03, 2017



Keef was having a blast on a play date until he got out of the gate and was struck by a car. His leg was badly broken and needed surgery ASAP. His papa is a student and is not currently working and his mama doesn’t bring in much at her job. A BIG thanks to Sustaining Members and donors who gave the $600 needed to get Keef back up and running around again!

28 03, 2017



Zoey has really been through a lot in her life! She lost her mother when she was just a kitten but was adopted by a very loving family. Zoey slipped out of her house and broke her leg very badly. Her mama rushed her to a vet over an hour away and was given the sad news that Zoey’s leg needed to be amputated. Her mama is single and raising three children and could not pay the $625 for the necessary surgery, but could contribute $100. Let’s take a minute to “paws” and thank the Sustaining Members and donors who help with the $525 to get Zoey healthy and back home with her caring family!

28 03, 2017



Hannah is a sweet girl who was found by a caring woman. After searching for Hannah’s mom without success, Hannah was taken in by a financially strapped woman who just couldn’t imagine not helping the dog. Unfortunately, Hannah developed a vaginal and mammary tumor and because of her mama’s own medical bills, requested assisted from ART. The great community of Sustaining Members and donors came together and helped support the surgery Hannah needed. Hannah and her mama express their gratitude!

28 03, 2017



Poor Kody suffered from Demodectic Mange and was so itchy and miserable. His fur was falling out and his skin was raw and exposed. Sadly, his papa has a medical condition that prevents him from working and the vet bill to get care for Kody was too high. Supporters of ART raised over $460 to provide treatment for the Mange. Thank you so much!