Thank you again for contacting us for assistance! Rest assured that you are not alone, as we are here to help you!

Below, you will find a listing of common reasons for re-homing a pet along with solutions to these issues.

In the Military?
If you are in the military, and feel you are unable to keep your pet because you are moving:
Military Pets Foster Project
Operation Noble Foster

My pet is a purebred!
If you have access to the history/pedigree of the dogs, we would suggest contacting the breeders, as many would open their homes to these animals, if they were aware of the circumstances. Many breeders contractually require their pets to return to them in the event their owners cannot keep them, which would alleviate the need for a further search for a home.

Also, breed rescue would be an avenue that we would suggest for this undoubtedly adorable pal. Breed rescues know the idiosyncrasies and specific needs of a breed, and are often prepared to deal with any issues that arise. They’re a great option! Find your regional resources:
AKC’s Canine Breed Rescue List
CFA’s Feline Breed Rescue List
Specialized Breed Rescues (inclusive of various species)
Petfinder’s Rescue/Shelter Listing for VA

My pet is aggressive!
General Aggression
Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs
Puppy Nipping
Canine Aggression, Drives, & Temperament
Understanding Cat Aggression Towards People
Managing Your Kitten’s Rough Play
Aggression Between Family Cats

I can’t afford care for my pet.
Trouble Affording Your Pet
Spay Virginia
Spay Hampton Roads
The Pet Fund’s Financial Assistance Resources
You can also always contact us for specific advice!

I’m Allergic!
If you have allergies, and feel you are allergic to your pets:
Coping with Allergies to Pets
Pet Allergies: Your Pet & You

My pet is destructive/soiling my home.
Destructive Behavior in Dogs
Guide to Happy Housetraining
Re-Housetraining Your Adult Dog
Canine Destructive Chewing
Submissive/Excitement Urination
Litterbox Problem Prevention
Cats: Destructive Scratching
Feline Destructive Scratching
Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to an Indoor Cat
Feline Urine Marking Behavior
Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors & Stains
Territorial Marking Behavior in Cats & Dogs

My pet doesn’t get along with my new/existing pets.
Canine Rivalry
Pack Dynamics
Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog
Introducing Dogs to Other Pets
Feline Social Behavior Between Family Cats
Introducing Your New Cat to Your Other Pets
Introducing A New Cat
Living With More Than One Cat

Pets and Children
If you are concerned about your pets behavior with your children:
Children & Cats: Important Information for Parents
Children & Dogs: Important Information for Parents
Why Dogs Bite: A Guideline for Children
ASPCA Guide to Kids & Pets
Preparing Your Pet for Baby’s Arrival

I need help with training
Positive Reinforcement: Training with Treats
Basic Training Techniques
Crate Training
The Benefits of an Educated Dog
Petfinder’s Pet Training

If you still feel you need to rehome your pet, please fill out the Animal Placement Application.