Spay and NeuterAnimal Resources of Tidewater was established January 1999, and since its inception, has rescued/adopted out over 2,100 dogs and cats.  Based on continuous calls for assistance from members of the community, we have realized that our effectiveness in helping more animals can come by reaching out to the people best situated to help them.  In many cases, this help can be offered in the form of spay/neuter.  Our “SpayHR” campaign was launched in spring 2010. The campaign began with the Norfolk Pet Project in 2010-2013 and continues today with our Regional Plan and Portsmouth Pet Project.

Our Regional Plan is an ongoing project to educate our community about the number of animals who lose their lives in the Hampton Roads (Virginia) area each year, how spay/neuter is one of many programs needed to help with saving lives, and inform the community that quality low-cost spay/neuter clinics are available in several Hampton Roads cities. Most publicity for homeless animals is focused on the animal in need at the shelter, or out on the streets.  However, we are trying to take a step back to get to the point of avoiding that animal being in need by trying to help the human element of the equation (who is in a better position to effect change).  Since spay/neuter services can be done at a cost lower than expected (and sometimes for free), we believe people will decide to have their pet spayed/neutered.



  • Spay/neuter for cats and dogs in  Hampton Roads .
  • TNR for community cats.
Fill out our online Assistance Application to apply for financial assistance.  For help with community cats in Norfolk, contact the Norfolk SPCA at 757-622-3319, x130, or e-mail