The purpose of our Tou Strong Fund is to offer strength, comfort and assistance to owners who are caring for senior and terminally ill pets.

Tou Strong was created to honor a sweet dog named Toula, who battled terminal illness. In partnership with Animal Resources of Tidewater, we raise funds to help owners provide their senior and terminally ill pets with hospice care and other medical needs.


Our goal is to help those owners and animals that are “Tou” Strong to give up! This fund is a subset to the existing Animal Resource of Tidewater (ART) medical assistance fund. The funds raised will be used specifically to help those pet owners who need financial assistance in providing their senior or terminally ill pet with hospice/comfort care and other medical expenses. Although there is no cure for a terminal illness, those suffering sometimes have the option to still experience a good quality of life for a period of time. Hospice care can help provide comfort and pain management until it is time to say goodbye. Time is what we hope we can help provide: Time to enjoy a beloved friend a little longer; time to decide what the best next step is; time to get ahead of a disease and manage it before it is too late. Those in need can apply for assistance through Animal Resources of Tidewater. All donations are tax deductible.

No one should have to deny their pet care due to financial strain and hopefully we can help.