Who are we?
Animal Resources of Tidewater is more than just an organization that finds homes for dogs and cats. Since 1999, our humble organization made up of a small handful of determined volunteers has grown leaps and bounds. With grants and donations, we have proudly established several programs designed to improve the lives of companion animals in Hampton Roads: SpayHR, Community Medical Assistance, Legislative Policy Advocacy and the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.

Lives saved by Spaying and NeuteringSpay HR
Spay Hampton RoadsOne of ART’s goals is to end unnecessary killing of pets in shelters. Over 35,000 pets enter Hampton Roads’ shelters every year; almost half – over 15,000 – of those pets are put down. Spaying/neutering is the absolute most effective way to decrease these staggering numbers. SpayHR was founded by ART to go into low income neighborhoods in Norfolk and offer free or discounted spay neuter to those who need it. SpayHR also endorses the Trap-Neuter-and-Return (TNR) of free-roaming cats as an effective measure to reduce the number of stray cats and kittens that roam our streets. Find out h
ow you can help!

Community Medical Assistance
ART is determined to not only find homes for homeless pets, but also to help families keep their beloved animals when life hits a rough spot financially. ART’s Community Medical Assistance Program is designed to provide routine veterinary care, such as updating shots and heartworm tests to qualifying families. We can assist with, and sometimes pay for, diagnostic testing and surgeries. It is the organization’s goal to help families keep their pets healthy, in their home, and out of the overburdened shelter system, so we work with families to create a payment plan or contribution that works within their budget. How can you help the Community Medical Assistance? Please consider donating to keep this important program funded. More Info: Community Medical Assistance

Cats Need Your Help NowAdvocacy
ART is committed to advocating for animals and their caregivers at the local and state political levels. As citizen-advocates, we push for increased protections for both pets and their owners to ensure a future of humane treatment. While actively engaging in legislative advocacy, we also offer guidance and support to ART members who are interested in becoming more politically active. How can you help the Advocacy? Sign up for political action alerts and be notified when you can help.

Pit Bull Awareness Coalition
Pit Bull Awareness CoaltionART is committed to dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding so-called “Bully Breeds” and raising awareness of the true and loving nature of pit bull dogs. In our efforts to end breed discrimination, we strive to promote by example with responsible pit bull dog ownership. How can you help the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition? Help ART find pit bull dogs the loving homes they deserve by volunteering to foster or train them. Or, volunteer to help us monitor Craig’s List and classified ads for the sale of pit bull puppies. Don’t let rumors of negligence or abuse go unreported; call animal control if you suspect pit bull dog abuse. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience the incredible love a pit bull dog  can offer, please consider donating to help protect and find homes for deserving pit bull dogs.

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