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28 03, 2017



Hannah is a sweet girl who was found by a caring woman. After searching for Hannah’s mom without success, Hannah was taken in by a financially strapped woman who just couldn’t imagine not helping the dog. Unfortunately, Hannah developed a vaginal and mammary tumor and because of her mama’s own medical bills, requested assisted from ART. The great community of Sustaining Members and donors came together and helped support the surgery Hannah needed. Hannah and her mama express their gratitude!

28 03, 2017



Poor Kody suffered from Demodectic Mange and was so itchy and miserable. His fur was falling out and his skin was raw and exposed. Sadly, his papa has a medical condition that prevents him from working and the vet bill to get care for Kody was too high. Supporters of ART raised over $460 to provide treatment for the Mange. Thank you so much!

28 03, 2017



Sweet Sammy has a unique story. Hurricane Matthew displaced him for his original home and a kind senior found him in pretty rough shape. The woman fed Sammy, fell in love with him and brought him to the SPCA for shots and a spay, despite her fixed income. We wish the story had ended happily there, but there was a tumor on Sammy’s eye and it needed to be removed. Through donations from Sustaining Members and Facebook friends like you, he was able to get the necessary procedure! Many thanks!

2 06, 2016



Callie’s family has had her since she was a puppy and love her dearly. Recently, Callie developed a hematoma on her ear that needed to be drained but her family was on a fixed income and struggling with medical bills for her Papa. ART was able to raise the funds for Callie’s ear to get drained and relieve the awful pain that the hematoma was causing. Thank you for helping this loving family, to help more families in need, please consider donating at

2 06, 2016

Flit, Little Dude and Geeko


Flit, Little Dude and Geeko are a tight knit family whose mama fell on hard times. After being homeless for a time, their mama is getting back on her feet in a new place and came to ART for help to get exams, shots and treatment for skin issues. Art raised the funds to get the treatment these three besties needed! Please consider donating to help more families in need at

Flit, Little Dude and Geeko2016-06-02T15:03:56-04:00
2 06, 2016



Rosie’s family adopted her from a shelter as a kitten. Her owners are facing bankruptcy and living with family when they discovered Rosie was in a life or death situation with an intestinal blockage. ART was able to save Rosie’s life by raising money for the surgery and helping out her family in such a desperate time. Thank you for helping this loving family, to help more families in need, please consider donating at

2 06, 2016



Sweet Archimedes slipped outside and was unfortunately hit by a car. His family rushed him to the emergency vet and several hundreds of dollars later found out that his hip was completely out of its socket leaving Archimedes in a significant amount of pain. Thankfully, ART was able to raise enough money to get Archimedes the surgery he needed to get back on the healing track after such a terrifying tragedy. Thank you for helping this loving family, to help more families in need, please consider donating at

2 06, 2016



Not too long ago, Parker tested positive for heartworms. Without treatment Parker would not have survived. This sweet boys’ family was unable to pay for the full heartworm treatment required to save his life, so they turned to ART for assistance. Through generous donations, ART was able to raise the $332 needed to complete the treatment and save Parker’s life. Thank you for making an impact on this family and helping to save sweet Parker’s life.

2 06, 2016



Onslow suffers from a heart condition that requires ongoing vet care. Recently Onslow fell very ill and it was discovered that he had fluid in his belly. The vet was able to treat Onslow with medication, which meant he would not require surgery to remove the fluid; however, the illness impacted his heart condition. As a result of the illness, the vet ordered an echo-cardiogram and bloodwork to better understand the impact on Onslow’s heart. A kind family friend covered some of the medical expenses incurred, but Onslow’s family, due to hardships they had suffered with their own health, was unable to pay the remaining $260 for Onslow’s treatment. Through generous donations and the kindness of others, ART was able to help raise the remaining funds needed for Onslow’s treatment. Thank you ART supporters and donors for your generous donations that allow us to bring success stories like Onslow’s to light.

2 06, 2016



Symba and her family hit very hard times. As such, Symba and her sibling were staying with family friends while the family attempted to recovery from their hardship. During their stay, it was discovered that there was something very wrong with Symba when she began to lose a great deal of weight. ART and the SPCA worked together to address some of the medical conditions believed to cause the extreme weight loss. The SPCA donated medications to help sustain Symba until a full diagnosis was reached. Bloodwork indicated there was an issue with Symba’s liver, but an ultrasound was required to confirm the diagnosis. Symba’s family was not in a position to afford the cost of the ultrasound. ART was able to raise the $300 for an ultrasound and Symba is now on the road to recovery. Working with partners, such as the SPCA, and receiving donations from ART supporters helped Symba receive the treatment she needed to survive. Thank you for your continued support!

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