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2 06, 2016



Lily did not wait for her mama to treat her with a bologna snack. Instead she broke into the package eating more than she bargained for. Poor Lily’s impatience caused her to ingest packaging material, which then caused her to continuously vomit. Her family feared the plastic had also impacted Lily’s bowels because she was unable to go potty. Lily needed immediate treatment, but her family could not afford the cost of the vet visit. ART was able to help raise $200 for Lily’s x-rays and the fluids needed to save this sweet girls life. Thank you to our Sustaining Members for making this possible! Help ART save other lives by donating to

17 03, 2016



Oscar was rescued from a neglectful situation and had some pretty bad dental issues. Thanks to our Sustaining Members and our donors, we were able to pay for his dental extractions and he is settling in with his new mama. You guys are awesome, thank you!

17 03, 2016



Dexter was a stray kitty living outside, and lucky for him a nice woman noticed him and started caring for him. While this sweet woman was full of love, she had little money but was doing the best she could to help him. ART funded his neuter not too long ago and recently we paid for treatment of a wound on his paw. Dexter is a friendly kitty so we asked the woman why she didn’t bring him inside to be her pet. She replied that she couldn’t afford shots and worming, so ART helped her with those bills as well. Dexter is now welcome in her home and is getting use to his newly found luxuries in the comfort of a home. Thanks to our generous Sustaining Members, Dexters live has drastically changed for the better. A huge thank you to you guys!

17 03, 2016



Poor Monique was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and needed her leg amputated, but her family is a low income household trying to make things meet and could not afford the bill. ART was able to contribute $300 towards the surgery. Monique had the surgery and is recovering well. She has lost her leg, but we helped save her life with her family. Thank you to our Sustaining Members for making this happen!

19 02, 2016

Big Boy


This is Big Boy. One day while playing outside, Big Boy sustained an injury to his eye. The injury was so great it required full removal within a 24-hour period. Big Boy’s momma, being on a limited income, was not able to cover the full cost of the surgery. She was able to raise $300 through the kindness of her friends. ART was able to find a vet that offered a discounted rate for the emergency procedure; however, the full cost of Big Boy’s surgery was much more than what his momma had raised. ART then reached out to its generous supporters and was able to raise the remaining $700 to pay for the cost of the surgery for Big Boy’s eye.


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19 02, 2016



Achilles recovery is a true success story. Achilles escaped from his yard by slipping through the invisible fence and was hit by a car. Achilles suffered numerous injuries from the accident, resulting in extensive vet bills and a lengthy and expensive stay with the vet. Achilles family maxed out their care credit ($4500) and did not have the funds to pay for the additional care Achilles required. ART was able to raise the $500 needed to help pay for Achilles treatment and ensure his full recovery.

19 02, 2016



Gronk has been given a new lease on life thanks to the love and affection from his new adoptive family. After Gronk was adopted, he was diagnosed with stage three heart disease. His new family was fully prepared to provide endless love and affection, but the costs associated with Gronk’s heart condition were beyond their financial ability. Gronk’s family reached out to ART for help we collected $323 to help pay for one of Gronk’s treatments.

19 02, 2016



Princess and her brother found their forever home when a caring foster parent took them in permanently. Shortly thereafter, the pair were off to a routine vet appointment, which took a turn for the worse when it was discovered Princess had heart worms. Princess’s new mom had recently left her job to care for her terminally ill husband and was not able to afford the heart worm medication Princess desperately needed. After reaching out to ART and explaining her situation, ART was able to raise the funds for Princess’s heart worm medication and help this family in their time of need.

19 02, 2016



Maude was faced with debilitating dental pain when her owner came to ART for help. Being on a fixed income was holding her owner back from being  able to help Maude. Through donations, Maude was able to get a cleaning and two extractions which put her on the fast track to eating like a normal kitty again.

19 02, 2016



Toby is living with diabetes and his normal medicine stopped working. After learning that Toby needs insulin to survive, his family of four reached out to ART for help when they realized they couldn’t afford the tests needed to get his new regiment started. ART was able to raise the funds for tests, fluids and hospitalization as well as the first round of insulin and help this family stay together. Donations from the community help animals like Toby!

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